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Touch Me

Touch Me is cutting-edge technology. It is our custom-built ordering system, designed with your time in mind: quick and simple ordering, whether you eat in or take out. Whether you're on a quick lunch break from your desk, picking up your dinner on your way home or want to linger for a leisurely meal, after just a few touches, your order is placed and your food served within minutes.

  1. Quick and easy ordering on our Touch Me kiosks
  2. Personalise your order. Or tap your VeloCard to see your favourites
  3. Grab & scan our ready-to-go range from the fridge
  4. Pay straight-away. With debit/credit cards or VeloCard. Or choose to pay at counter
  5. Pick up display shows where your food's arriving at
  6. Pick up your take away or sit down to be served
  7. Enjoy!