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VeloCard FAQs

  1. I keep hearing about it, what is a VeloCard?
    It is a pre-paid contactless payment loyalty card. A mouthful of a description indeed, so let us break it down:
    – Pre-paid: you know what it means
    – Contactless: simply tap it on the reader on the Touch Me kiosk. No need to swipe or insert anywhere
    – Payment: you can use it to pay for your meals. Tap & pay
    – Loyalty: you earn 6% on every purchase. See FAQ below
    You can also view your previously ordered items when tapping your card.
  2. VeloBonus? VeloCash? What’s that?
    Your VeloCard has 2 pockets, one with VeloCash and the other with VeloBonus. VeloCash is the amount you have put on the card by topping up. VeloBonus is the amount you earn on every purchase: 6% of your order amount is added to your VeloBonus pocket and is automatically redeemed on the next purchase. Your VeloBonus is hard-earned cash. You earn pounds rather than points.
  3. Card here, card there; concept here, concept there. I just don’t like it. How do I get my money back?
    Is there any reason you wish to return your card? We’re always willing to adapt so let us know. If you still want to return it, just walk into the store and say: “I’m a celebrity. Get me out of here!”. We’ll then refund the entire VeloCash balance on your card. The VeloBonus balance, however, will not be refunded.
  4. Does my card ever expire? How about my balances on the card?
    Your VeloCard does not have an expiry date. However, if you do not use the card or do not  do anything that changes your card balance within a 12-month period, the balances on your card expire and can no longer be used, refunded or transferred to another card. To prevent this from happening, use your card at least once a year or ask for your VeloCash to be returned within that period.
  5. Should I register the VeloCard online?
    Definitely. Although you can you can always use it without registration, once registered, the funds on your card are protected. You can report it as lost and transfer all balances to another card that you can pick up from the store. You can also view your previous orders and transactions online. And soon you will be able to top up the card online.
  6. How do I register the VeloCard online?
    For first time registration, you need an Online PIN which you can obtain in the store. Ask a member of staff or just touch the “Print Online PIN” button on the touch-me kiosks and tap your VeloCard. A receipt is then printed which has the Online PIN (4-digit number). Then go online and enter this PIN with your VeloCard number. Once your VeloCard is registered, the PIN can be discarded. If you lose the PIN, simply print out another one. A new one will be generated and the old one no longer valid.
  7. What if…
    Enough questions. Time to eat. More questions later.